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Sep 2013
Allery alert over High Street Sun Creams
Allergy alert over the High Street sun creams by SEAN POULTER, Daily Mail Sun creams and moisturisers containing an ingredient which can trigger allergic reactions are still on sale despite warnings from skin specialists. Some Boots lines, including Soltan creams aimed at children, and some Marks & Spencer, Nivea, Syence and Neutrogena products contain the suspect chemical, methyldibromo glutaronile. The preservative is licensed for use in cosmetics within the European Union. But the EU advisers have urged the industry to phase out its use. This follows concerns about allergic skin reactions such as swelling, itching and acute, painful dermatitis. The chemical is widely used in a range of cosmetics, including shampoos and shower gels. But the danger concerns products which remain on the skin for some time. It is also used in detergents although a loophole in labelling rules means its presence is not always identified. Dr Ian White, chairman of the EU's Scientific Committee on Cosmetic and Non-Food Products, said yesterday: 'The industry was warned a year ago about this but did nothing and did not turn up at meetings about it.' He added: 'There is an epidemic of contact allergy to this and it has been recommended that the chemical should not be kept in these products-until a safe level is known. The chemical can cause redness and irritation, especially on the head, neck and hands, where cosmetics are used most often.' 'It has been used for a number of years but it is in the last two or three years that it has been very important to the consumer market.' A relatively small proportion - about 3.5 per cent - of allergic people will show a reaction, however this is a four-four increase in just ten years. A report compiled by Dr White's committee concluded: 'The rapidly increasing level of contact allergy in Europe is of concern.' The chemical is used in a number of products which boast of their purity and the fact that they are suitable for children and those with allergies. The EU committee has recommendeda withdrawal of the chemicalpending further research on its safety. But it has no legal powers so is reliant on manufacturers' goodwill. Both Boots and Marks & Spencer said they would monitor the situation. A Boots spokesman said: 'The safety of our customers is of paramount importance and therefore we continuously review the safety of our products and their constituent ingredients. 'Methyldibromo glutaronile is a specifically regulated cosmetic ingredient that is authorised by the European Commission for use in cosmetics.' An M&S spokesman added: ' Materials can be withdrawn if new research shows they are liable to cause damage to human health.' Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-132339/Allergy-alert-High-Street-sun-creams.html#ixzz2fQ5zFgiY
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